WANTED: part-time & sub-contract investigators

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  • We work cases all over the State of Michigan and always look for local licensed investigators to develop a working relationship with if you are interested in doing occasional subcontract work
  • We are also looking to develop working relationships with Licensed Investigators from outside of Michigan and the United States 
  • Submit your information listing your your coverage area what type of investigations you have experience and specialize in


  • We regularly use or are hired by out-of-state investigators, local colleagues also call us for referrals.if you are interested in working with each other as an affiliate, submit your information below.


  • Persons with experience working investigations for licensed private investigator in the past, as an insurance company investigator or store detective, we would be interested in working with you
  • If you are presently employed in another profession and have special training or experience we can use and you are interested in the entering the investigative profession - complete the contact form
  • You do not have your own PI license Michigan, after a thorough background check, you are  allowed to work for a Professional Investigator Agency under authority of their license.
  • Submit your information below listing your interests and qualifications 


  • If you are a active duty, former or retired Police Officer looking for regular or occasional part-time work as a private investigator, we can use your training and experience, you do not have to possess your own private investigator license.    MCOLES licensed law enforcement officers are required by law to supply a permission letter from their Chief/Sheriff authorizing work as as private investigator.   Pre-service students and graduates applying for work in pubic law enforcement interested in obtaining practical work experience can apply for part-time work  as an private investigator until you are hired by a law enforcement agency
  • Submit your information listing what type of work you are interested in


  • Persons with military experience and interested in working part-time or occasional as a private investigator, put your special training and experience to use, let us know your interests by submitting your information below


  • Do you have special computer skills that a detective agency can use?    We may have work for you.    Submit your information and let us know what services you can offer

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Thank you for your interest.


  • After you send us your information, we we acknowledge receipt and keep it on file.  In the event that we (or an associate investigative agency) can use your services in the future, someone will be in contact with you
  • Your information will be kept confidential and only used to contact you 
  • You can e-mail copies of your resume, license or other credentials to us at...