International Investigations, Inc. - retired in 2015


William A. Lamb



After retiring from a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, William A. Lamb opened International Investigations, Inc., a licensed private detective agency in Dearborn, Michigan.


William B. Lamb, "Sluggo"

RETIRED 2015  


After retiring early from the Detroit Police Department, Bill took over for his father running the daily operations of International Investigations, Inc., for the next twenty years, Bill continued working as a private detective with his brother, Walter Lamb.

"Sluggo" worked cargo theft and robbery units while on the police department and carried his experience to the private sector where he was a great surveillance man and personal protection specialist

When his brother Walt passed away unexpectedly, Bill decided it was time to close the doors of International Investigations after 40 years of business and retire.

Today Bill spends his days relaxing with his wife and attending yoga class.  If he is not going for long walks with his dog he is spending time fishing in the lake behind his home.


Walter A. Lamb , "Thor"


August 21, 1950 - May 16, 2014 

Walt enjoyed a 40 year career with International Investigations, Inc. 

He was a great surveillance operator and was a pleasure  to work with, always making you laugh to make the time pass quickly.  He enjoyed sharing tales of body guarding celebrities and his last years working with law enforcement and Homeland Security in the Detroit area protecting an international facility to prevent terrorist threats.

He was a bad-guy-fighting badass.

Walter was a fifth-degree black belt in judo.  Determination and a lifelong love of martial arts and weightlifting earned him countless trophies.  In 1972 while at Michigan State University, he led the school to a Big Ten judo championship win.  Later, Walter founded two martial arts clubs where he coached hundreds of young, often troubled, athletes who went on to enjoy national and international martial arts titles – and happy lives.  They credit his mentorship for steering them to the road to success, far beyond the mat.

With his distinct friendly-tough-guy look, it was no surprise when Walter was asked to pose as the model for Popsicle’s Man of Popsicle action hero used in print advertising.

This rock-n-roll loving man adored people and animals – and they instantly befriended him.  A gifted storyteller and writer, Walter entertained people with stories and laughter-guaranteed jokes.

Walter passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack while at his residence.