in memory of our deceased colleagues...


Lawrence Thurston

June 22, 1959 - January 14, 2010     

You were blessed when you partnered with "LT" - he made the shift pass quickly with his humor.   He was an experienced investigator specializing in working surveillance and protection details.

Lawrence lost his battle with cancer leaving his wife, two sons and many friends.  Everyone loved him - he never made an enemy.   He is remembered and missed daily.


Walter "Thor" Lamb

August 21, 1950 - May 16, 2014

Walt was a private investigator in Michigan for forty years, working at International Investigations with his father William, a retired FBI Agent and later with his brother Bill, a retired Detroit Police Detective Sergeant.

He was a great surveillance man and with his humor, working with him made the day pass quickly.  Walt was a personal protection specialist that was a body guard to many high profile entertainers when they stayed in Detroit.

He never seemed to have a bad day, always smiling with a positive attitude even during troubling personal times.  

He and his brother studied Judo since they were young children continuing while they attended Michigan State University.  Walt taught Judo for decades, and operated a dojo North of Ann Arbor called the "Metro Fight Club", over the years he coached hundreds of students and later several of them entered professional MMA events,  

He passed away at home unexpectedly from a heart attack, leaving behind his wife, two daughters and many friends.

Walt's YouTube video site...

Waltorious Maximus Lambeth


Stephen Uhrig

May 5, 1957 - October 1, 2006

Stephen owned SWS Security in Maine.  He was a friend and one of the best radio-electronic surveillance and intelligence gathering specialists.

His website remains up as a memorial.

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Hank Asher

May 9, 1951 - January 11, 2013

Before the internet when his information business was just starting, DBT Onlline was just a PC and dial-up modem with access over a phone line, at that time  Hank only had local government records from Dade and Broward Counties.   In those early days we were among a small group of his first online customers and he was one of our South East Florida information sources.

In a few short years DBT Online grew into Database Technologies and was one of the largest online information database sources.

As large as his business grew, he was very active in its operation and would always take the time to talk on the phone and to give advise, often sharing interesting stories of his short career as a "low altitude tree-top pilot" when he smuggled drugs from Columbia and Belize to the Bahamas where he was living at the time,  Hank was never convicted of any smuggling crimes, but afterward he had a mysterious connection to the DEA and CIA as well as some of the most powerful people in politics - who later turned into his future financial investors.  

Hank was the founder of two more of the most successful information companies after Database Technologies:  Seisint and later TLFO (The Last F***ing One) which was later changed to the more politically correct "TLO" (now known as Trans Union TLO/XP.   

He was one of the pioneers in data fusion and data mining, his online database programming revolutionized how law enforcement and private investigators locate and research individuals and businesses.   


Hank unexpectedly lost his battle with cancer at the age of 61.


Michael G. Kesler

December 31, 1951 - June 06, 2017

Mike Kessler was a prominent forensic accountant and the founder and CEO of Kessler International.

Mr. Kessler is survived by Ms. Peterson and their beloved purebred Shih Tzus, Hachiko and Ninja.      

He is also survived by his sons Jonathan Kessler, a computer forensics specialist, and Timothy Kessler, a NYPD officer.   In addition, he is survived by his mother, Mildred Kessler.


Norman I. Perle

1938 - 2000     

Norman Perle of the National Audio/Video Forensic Laboratory in Northridge, California, he was a renowned forensic expert on audio and video recorded evidence.

Perle was a New York native, he died in his sleep at the age of 62 while on a business trip in California on February 19, 2000.

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Leland "Beatle" Spencer

October 23, 1938 - January 27, 1999

Lee started his Private Detective Agency in 1988.  He specialized in covert video surveillance.